Hi, I'm Alex Grote.

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I am a computational biologist and postdoc at the Broad Institute in the Bacterial Genomics group.

My research explores infectious disease and host-pathogen interactions with a focus on bacterial persistence and resistance. I use comparative genomics and transcriptomics to identify bacterial and host factors that influence the evolution of chronic bacterial infections. Before joining the Broad Institute, my research focused on the endosymbiotic relationship between parasitic nematodes and Wolbachia.

You can find my CV here and research on Google Scholar.

Recent Papers

Persistent Salmonella infections in humans are associated with mutations in the BarA/SirA regulatory pathway
Alex Grote, Bar Piscon, Abigail Manson, Jonathan Livny, Ashlee Earl, Ohad Gal-Mor
BioRxiv (2022)
Within-host evolution of bacterial pathogens during persistent infection of humans
Alex Grote, Ashlee Earl
Current Opinion in Microbiology (2022)
Transcriptomics reveals how minocycline-colistin synergy overcomes antibiotic resistance in multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae
Thea Brennan-Krohn*, Alex Grote*, Shade Rodriguez, James Kirby, Ashlee Earl
* Co-first authors
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (2022)
Modulating the evolutionary trajectory of tolerance using antibiotics with different metabolic dependencies
Erica Zheng, Ian Andrews, Alex Grote, Abigail Manson, Miguel Alcantar, Ashlee Earl, James Collins
Nature Communications (2022)
StrainGE: a toolkit to track and characterize low‑abundance strains in complex microbial communities
Lucas van Dijk, Bruce Walker, Timothy Straub, Colin Worby, Alex Grote, Henry Schreiber, Christine Anyansi, Amy Pickering, Scott Hultgren, Abigail Manson, Thomas Abeel, and Ashlee Earl
Genome Biology (2022)